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Our core and guiding principles


We believe that integrity is the most important elements of our work. Our team is expected to maintain high ethical standards in everything we do, both in our work for the firm and in our personal life.


We maintain our maximum confidentiality on all the aspects related to our transactions and to our clients. With all the counterpart our confidentiality is protected by specific legal agreement.


We are completely independent and we work in the only interest of our clients. We allow us to say what we think, even also in case of disagree with the client.


We are determined to provide to our clients an high quality professional service in the most efficient way. Our target is to build long terms relations based on mutual trust.


To find solutions of complex problems, in addition to a rigorous analysis, we use creativity and imagination.


We have experience, energy and reputation. The latter takes the longest to build and the fastest to vanish. If It does so the former two become useless. We strive every day to maintain high our level of reputation.



Augent Partners understands its responsibility in a broader context and donates a defined contribution of the annual free cash flow to charity. The firm is pleased to share the details of these activities with you and highly appreciates any support in these initiatives.

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