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This web site contains general information and specific details, notes, documents, charts and key data which, subject to any possible revision, updating and completion, relate to the envisaged investment initiative. Persons retrieving information on this web site declare their agreement with the following terms and conditions:

The information contained on this web site is neither a recommendation nor an offer or invitation to acquire or sell units of investment funds or other financial instruments, nor to perform transactions or to conclude any other legal business. The published information is provided exclusively for personal use and for information purposes; it may be changed at any time and without prior notice. We do not accept any responsibility (neither expressly nor tacitly) nor do we make any representation or warranty as to completeness and accuracy of the information and opinions contained on this web site.

The information on this web site does not represent a decision guidance for decisions in economic, legal, tax or other consultancy matters. Investment or other decisions should not be taken solely on the basis of this information. It is urgently recommended that potential investors should only invest in funds after thorough study of the current, fund-specific documents and after consultation with a qualified specialist.

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